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04/05/2022 578
Shihan Anatoly Nebesny passed away
Shihan Anatoly Nebesny  (Branch Chief of IKO Kyokushinkaikan in Ukraine) passed away this morning.
01/05/2022 5815
Ukrainian champion in Kyokushin karate was killed in captivity
On April 29, 2022, it became known about the death of the champion of Ukraine in Kyokushin karate (IKO Matsushima) Zvonik Dan (born June 14, 1996).
18/04/2022 41
The 53rd All Japan Open Karate Championship Results (IKO)
April 17, 2022 was held The 53rd All Japan Open Karate Championship.
14/04/2022 703
Russians and Belarusians will not be able to take part in the WKO World Championship
On April 13, WKO made a decision to contribute donation money, as financial assistance towards the WKO Ukraine Branch members, who are facing a national crisis in Ukraine and the neighboring ...
14/04/2022 530
Shihan Okazaki Hiroto new Kancho of Kyokushin-kan
My successor, Shihan Okazaki Hiroto, used to work at school as a civil servant. But now he's retired and he is able to take over the duties of the Kancho of Kyokushin-kan.
13/04/2022 617
Kancho Message regarding “Concept for the 1st All Japan Open Tournament” by Sosai Oyama
Before this, 53rd All Open Karate Championships at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on April 17th, 2022, I would like to share Sosai Oyama’s “Concept for the 1st All Japan Open Tournament”, which he ...
13/04/2022 411
RELEASE The 53rd All Japan Open Championship and the 37th All Japan Weight Category Championships
On April 6, 2022, a news conference was held at IKO Honbu Daikanyama Dojo presenting the upcoming 53rd All Japan Open Championship and 2021 All Japan Women's Championships scheduled for April 17, ...
08/04/2022 369
Draws: The 53rd All Japan Open Championship and the 2021 All Japan Women’s Championship
The 53rd All Japan Open Karate Championship and the 2021 All Japan Women's Karate Championship will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on April 17. 
02/04/2022 1619
EKO. European karate adults championship 2022 results
April 2, 2022 Tarnow (Poland) was held the EKO. European karate adults championship 2022 (WKO Shinkyokushinkai).   EKO. European karate championship 2022 results Adults Men -65Kg 1 ...
01/04/2022 463
Message from KWF President Antonio Pinero
Dear KWF members, Shihan, Senseis, Senpais and all other Kyokushin friends, Right now, the world is facing a tragic situation. Something happened that nobody wants war in Europe. Like everyone else, ...
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