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Shihan Sergei Vsevolodov comments on the depart of Oleksandr Ieromenko to Russia

17/01/2016 1218
Last days everyone comments on the shocking news that the best Ukranian Kyokushinkai karate fighter Oleksandr Eryomenko moved to Russia. People act surprisingly strange, they have changed their love and respect for Oleksandr, to  hatred and offense, sometimes they were mixing it with nowadays politics.
After the appearance of this information, we neglected all the comments and articles regarding this topic, and we asked Oleksandr’s coach, Shihan Sergei Vsevolodov to comment on this situation.Shihan, could you please comment on the news about your student’s depart in Russia. And as well the news that appeared on the web site of the Ukranian Kyokushinkai Karate Federation, and on the way it was presented. Did you know that Oleksandr wanted to leave, or was it something completely new for you?
Hello. It seems that this news concern a big number of people, nevertheless it is a private affair of the student, his coach and our federation. It’s not the first time in my career. Three students of mine, have been working for a long time in Russian Kyokushinkai. Two of them are working on Belov’s federation. The first one if a coach, and the second one is the secretary of the Federation. The third one is working in KyokushinKan federation, and he is also a great coach  and judge. We do keep  in touch with them, and frequently they come to our master-classes. The difference is that Oleksandr is a TOP fighter, that’s why this news received great interest and a lot of comments. Because of this, I would like to  clarify some issues, even if myself I didn’t give it that much  attention, and I don’t think  we had to  talk  about it earlier.
But we have this “junk” web-site, where we can find no  good, where some doubtful news and interviews are published, even if no fighter gave such  interviews. It was there, where this news appeared for the first time, without giving any details, it was presented in a very rude and incorrect way. Moreover this information was unofficial, is was a leak from the Russian National Kyokushinkai  Karate Federation’s meeting.
So, as I said before, in my interview after the World Championship, we didn’t discuss with Oleksandr. But after my return home, we had this discussion, and he explained me his situation. And that’s what it is.
Not everybody know that he is living with his mother and sister, and he’s the only one who is working. Before he was working in a sea-port, in a representative of Kazakh transshipment company, lead by one of my ancient students. As a position on the Moscow office appeared, he offered Oleksandr to  try and work there, so  that he could improve his financial position. Afterwards we have decided that he could go  there, check  everything, find a place to  live, and only after that we’ll  decide where is he going to  train. Even if  he had left, he would never quit training, as he still  has the desire and the ambitions to  do  that.
Not long ago we had coach’s and fighters meeting, where everybody confirmed their decision of taking part in the next 4-years cycle till the next World Championship. During this meeting Oleksandr confirmed that he wants to  win and prove that he can do it, not only to  his coach and his country, but also  to  his sport-mates from Russia. We both decided that wherever he is, he will participate under the Ukrainian flag, and will prepare to  win the Championship. His new work place, would allow him take part in our schools and championships.
Not long ago, our winter camp was held, and he took part in it. Afterwards he was invited to Moscow, to  take part in the camp  held by Shihan Seidji Isobe and Arthur Hovannisian. During this camp we were talking every day, and he was sharing his opinion on this camp. And later, I read about this “news”
I’m glad that our Russian colleagues could give an answer to our “respected president” on publishing this news. Where they said that it is none of his business, and that Oleksandr is a grown-up, who can decide by himself.
I can understand this, as he is young, and he has to make money, support his beloved family, and Ukraine can’t support him for instance. But today, sports is the only thing he has. He has a degree, but it was gained during his fights on the tatami, and here it can not bring him any good. That’s why I can understand him.
But the article we have read, is below my understanding. The situation between our countries is very difficult, and some of the laws have changed, you can’t just stay and work there. Today you need a work visa, or a residence title, I don’t know for sure.We haven’t discuss these issues yet. What happened there was a kind of blackmail from some Russian functionary workers. I’ll give an example, if a top fighter had come to Ukraine, we would of course tell him to train in our federation, club or me, myself. And I do believe it happened the same there. We all know that Shihan Iury Trutnev, has some connection to Vladimir Putin, and he could help to get faster a residence permit, or even a citizenship (as it can be given only by the president). And I think that he had to decide to  accept the status or not, only to  be part of the Federation. That is my opinion. I suggested he train at the dojo of Max Dedik. We have points of view that are alike.
Now, everything depends on Oleksandr. I do  believe that he will explain his point of view. It would be nice if this ‘junk’ web-site, quit describing this issues, by making accent on today’s political  situation in Ukraine, so  that Oleksandr wasn’t called a separatist, or a person who  have ‘sold’ his motherland etc. As there were a lot of comments of this kind already, a lot of people doesn’t even knowing what where they talking about.
We all knew about it, but no one can forbid a person do what he wants to do.
Today, we were talking about it, and he is stating that he wants to represent Ukraine, but if it’s going to  be possible or not, we can’t say  yet. I’m coming back to the ‘junk’ web-site, I was surprised of the idea that Oleksandr could have asked Shihan Blizniuk  for help.
During all my life, this important president, tried to take from me students like Vadim Yakovenko, Oleksandr Lapko, the coach Andrei  Kravchenko. He also proposed it to our branch chief Vladimir Zaikin, and many more. Never did he financially help any fighter of ours, nor did he help the development of Kyokushin. Our top fighter never got the needed equipment and sport clothes. Titles were given to those who went as tourists to  Japan. It’s never been a big secret. During 20 years, all that this person was doing for our Federation – is destroying it.
And today, all the people that he is gathering near him, they don’t understand that that’s the beginning of their ending in Kyokushin. At least, in this organization. If we pay more attention to what was said, we could see that the people are being manipulated, and their ideas are being changed. Those who are good and bad are constantly changing.
I’m keeping calm, because twice we’ve been trying to work with this person, and there isn’t going to be a third time. Unfortunately, this person can’t work normally, he always needs to creates intrigues. This is the end. We are not going to continue working with this federation. Still, those who want to work hard are welcome to  collaborate with us.

Are you mad because of the fact that your best student left?
I’m not mad at it, I’m sad because of the fact that the Federation couldn’t support its top fighter, and that our country can’t keep this kind of people. And that’s not for the first time when our sportsmen are leaving the country, and it concerns every sport.
For me, as for a human and a father, it hurts a lot when my child leaves home. But, what for are we bringing them up, and educating them? We do it, so that our children could enter this life with their head up high. As a coach, I’m proud that people all over the world are talking about my students.
I hope that Oleksandr’s career will develop, and that together with him the name of our school will also be well-known. But I do understand that this is another country, where are different laws. And if people there will help Oleksandr to find his place and continue his sports career, I will be very  grateful for that.
The most important thing for any coach, is that his student, no matter where he is, doesn’t forget where did he came from, and whom was he training with.
I don’t want people to mess here some political issues, because those who continue doing this have never trained children, have never coached them while they’re on the tatami, and have never cried with them when they’ve lost or won. As a human I have the right to be emotional, when something happens to the people I love.
I’m glad that we’re raising such people, about whom people all over the world are talking. Ans they will be glad to see them in any country. In the end I would like to wish Alexander train sedulously, and continue working on himself, not to be reluctant. I believe that he’ll get everything he wants, and he will achieve all his goals.

Roman Odessky
Translation: Yavorskaya Nastasia
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