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“The Dream Cup World” Team Karate Championship

“The Dream Cup World” Team Karate Championship
Event type:
Hungarian Karate Federation, Stabilitas Sport Promotion- Budapest
Budapest, Hungary

“The Dream Cup World” Team Karate Championship for Kata and Kumite Teams for cadets, juniors, adults and masters, will take place on 30th November 2019, Saturday, in the city of Budapest, Hungary.

On Sunday, 01 Dec, an international Karate seminar will be organized with high quality masters. This seminar is open to all organizations and allows international participation.

Categories of the Dream Cup World team karate championship:
team kata for cadets, juniors, adults and masters
team kumite for cadets, juniors, adults and masters

U16, Minimum grade 7 kyu
Compulsory katas (1-2 round): Pinan sono 2-5
Free katas (semi final – final)* : Tsuki no, Gekisai dai, Yantsu

U18, Minimum grade 6 kyu
Compulsory katas (1-2 round): Tsuki no, Geksai dai, Yantsu
Free katas (semi final – final)* : Tsuki no**, Gekisai dai**, Yantsu **, Saifa, Geksai sho

Adults, U18, Minimum grade 4 kyu
Compulsory katas (1-2 round): Tsuki no, Geksai dai, Yantsu, Gekisai sho, Saifa
Free katas (semi final – final)* : Kanku, Seinchin, Sushi ho, Garyu, Seipai

* Different katas must be performed in the semi final and final.
** The compulsory kata which were performed before cannot be chosen as free kata.
International patrone: Shihan Koen Scharrenberg 6th dan, EKO president, WKO vice president

Honorary President: Shihan Kalman Furko 8th dan, founder of Hungarian Kyokushin

Priority Patrons: Hungarian Ministry of Sport, Budapest Mayor’s Office, National Crime Prevention Center

The invited international head referees:
Shihan Michael Soderkvist – EKO RC president Head Referee
Shihan Alexander Goncharenko – EKO board member – KATA
Shihan Remigius Karpinski – EKO board member – KUMITE

National Head Referees:
Shihan József Borza – Vice President of Hungarian Karate Federation
Shihan Dr. Oliver Bogdan – Member of EKO Referee Committee
Coordinator: Sensei Zoltan Papai

Age limits for U16, U18, Adults And Masters:
Definition of a Cadet (U16): a competitor is considered as a cadet from: 1st of January in the year he/she will be 15 years old to the 1st of January in the year he/she will be 17 years old (practically born in 2003-2004).
Definition of a Juniors (U18): a competitor is considered as a U-18 from the date of birth he/she will be 17 years old to the 1st of January in the year he/she will be 19 years old (practically born between 01//2002 – 31/12/2001).
Definition of an adults category: a competitor is considered as adults open from the date of birth he/she will be 18 years old or over.
Definition of a masters category (U+35): a competitor is considered as masters from the date of birth he or she will be 35 years old or over.

12.00-20.00 Arrival – registration and check in
12.00-18.00 Medical examination for all categories
16.00-19.00 Head Referee meeting
19.00-21.00 WELCOME DINNER
21.00 – Drawing of all categories

09.00- Opening of the sports hall
10.00-13.30 Qualifying bouts – all cetegory
13.30-14.00 Break – Demonstrations
14.00-14.30 Opening ceremony
14.30-17.00 Quarterfinals and semifinals
17.00 – Finals and Demonstrations
19.00 – Closing ceremony
20.00 – Sayonara Party

09.00-17.00 WITH BREAK

01-02 December 2019: Check-out and departure

Requested Documentation:
All participants are obliged to present National or EKO Budo-passport with valid license. (a competitor can be asked for proof of age by producing an ID card or country passport.)
All competitors are also requested to present a written medical certificate indicating that he or she is physically fit and healthy and his/her insurance documents. All women must to present certificate of non-pregnant state signed by doctor (valid 1 month). All competitors must fill and present responsibility statement declaration for participation in the tournament.

About the Team Kata Category:
A team can contain 3 members + an additional 4th member where for each bout 3 members will be joining the kata. The team can contain male and female members and it is not necessary to include at least one member from each gender. (It doesn’t have to be a mixed team, but it can be.)
The teams could be: – club teams – national teams
The limit of the teams: No limit for the first time.
The Competitions will follow the rules and conditions of EKO.

About the team kumite: competitions’ rules and conditions
Adults (no weight) category participant must be min. 4th kyu, bouts time: 3 min;
U16 category participant must be min. 7th kyu, all bouts timeis: 1,5 min.;
U18 and masters category participant must be min.6th kyu, allbouts time is 2 min.
Each team must have 2 men and 1 women fighter, and possibl to have 1+1 reserve fighter. There is no weight categories so the women fighters will fight each others and men fighters will fight by drawing. Only one bout will be held (pls see fighting time). Desision could be as announcing winner (aka or shiro) or draw. There is no weghing during the team kumite after the fights end with the decision of hikiwake. After 3 fights both team will have their scores. In case of equal scores the winner will be announced as follows: number of ippons, number of waza-ari, number of genten, number of chui, given flags (not enough for winning). In case the match (3 fights) between the 2 fighting teams ends up with draw an individual fight will happen (by a new draw). This fight will go according to the rules of individual EKO rules which means that weighing can happen before the last extension (encho sen), and the above weight difference is needed for winning by weight: for adult and senior men:10 kg, for adult and senior women: 8 kg, for juniors and cadets: 5 kg Protection: According to EKO rules.

Competition rules: Basicly EKO rules supplemented by the Hungarian rules in Team Kumite.
Additional information will be sent soon from the detailed special rules.

The Dream Cup Worlds awards for all kata and kumite teams:
1st , 2nd , 3rd -3rd places: trophies for teams, medals, certificates

Detailed information will be provided later.
Financial conditions:
Accommodation, flight tickets, transportation and meals for all participants shall be covered by their National Organization or by their Club or by the participant him/herself.

Participation fees: 50 € per each team

Parties: Welcome dinner: 20 € Sayonara party: 30€ Transfer from Airport to Hotel and back: 30 €

International Karate Seminar: 01st December 2019 Sunday: 30 €

The chief instructor: Shihan Koen Sharrenberg 6th dan, EKO president, WKO vice president

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