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Yerevan Cup 2019 (IFK)

Yerevan Cup 2019 (IFK)
22/12/2019 10:00
22/12/2019 18:00
Event type:
IFK Armenia
Yerevan, Armenia
“Mika” sports complex

International open tournament Among children, girls, juniors, men and women in kumite and kata.

Goals and Objectives.

  • Promotion and development of Kyokushin karate
  • Involvement of children and young people in sports, healthy lifestyle
  • Formation of high moral and physical qualities, comprehensive development of a personality
  • Strengthening of friendly ties between the sportsmen of different countries
  • The sportsmen`s mastership level upgrading and revelation of the strongest fighters,

Yerevan, Manandyan st., 41 Building, “Mika” sports complex

The competition of the participants in KUMITE will be held in accordance with the following age and weight categories of boys and girls:

6-7-year-old children 
Up to 21kg
Up to 24kg
Up to 27kg
Up to 30kg
Above 30kg

8-9-year-old children
Up to 23kg
Up to 26kg
Up to 30kg
Up to 35kg
Above 35kg

10-11-year-old children 
Up to 30kg
Up to 35kg
Up to 40kg
Up to 45kg
Above 45kg

12-13-year-old juniors
Up to 35kg
Up to 40kg
Up to 45kg
Up to50kg
Above 50kg

14-15-year-old juniors 
Up to 45kg
Up to 50kg
Up to 55kg
Up to 60kg
Above 60kg

16-17-year-old juniors
Up to 55kg
Up to 60kg
Up to 65kg
Up to 70kg
Above 70kg

18 + year-old men
Up to 60kg
Up to 65kg
Up to 70kg
Up to 75kg
Up to 80kg
Up to 85kg
Up to 90kg
Above 90kg

18 + year-old women
Up to 55kg
Up to 65kg
Above 65kg

The tournament organizers reserve the right of changing the weight-categories after holding the mandate commission.

Participants in KATA will be divided into the following age categories:

6-7-year-old children
8-9-year-old children
10-11-year-old children
12-13-year-old juniors
14-15-year-old juniors
16-17-year-old juniors
18 + year-old men and women

Tags: Armenia, IFK
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