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Kyokushin news in Ukraine

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23/09/2020 105
KWU Ukraine and IKO Matsushima Ukraine signed a cooperation agreement
At the meeting of the KWU Ukraine Coordinating Council was taken the decision of agreement to join NGO “Ukrainian Kyokushinkaikan Karate Federation ” – IKO Matsushima Ukraine to the Agreement as a ...
24/07/2020 442
KWU Ukraine and WKB Ukraine – signed a cooperation agreement
At the meeting of the KWU Ukraine Coordinating Council was taken the decision of agreement to join All-Ukrainian Association Kyokushin Budo Karate (WKB Ukraine) to the Agreement as a new Member with ...
13/11/2019 1109
The new Shihans and Sensei in ukrainian shinkyokushinkai
Ukrainian shinkyokushinkai has updated the list of black belts. Having successfully passed the dan test, which took place in Japan after the 12th World Championship, the new Shihans and Sensei joined ...
30/10/2019 797
The first owner of 7th dan in Kyokushin karate appeared in Ukraine
The first 7th Dan, which was given for the Ukranian in Kyokushin karate, was presented to Shihan Sergey Vsevolodov at the opening ceremony of the Open World Cup, which was organized by the World ...
11/10/2019 421
Lviv Open Cup 2019 – photos (WKO)
On October 6, 2019 was held biggest tournaments in Ukrainian Kyokushin karate "Lviv Open Cup" (WKO Shinkyokushinkai) among younger boys / younger girls
08/10/2019 566
World Cup WKB – Ukrainian team
October 19, 2019 in Santiago, Chile will be held World Cup 2019 (WKB).
03/10/2019 520
Ukrainian team for the 4th KWU World Championship
Results of the 1st Ukrainian KWU Championship among adults. The tournament was held on September 22, 2019 in Nikolaev and was qualifying for the KWU World Championship.
30/09/2019 852
“Batumi Open – Caucasus Cup 2019” Results
September 28-30, 2019 was held Georgian International Full Contact Karate Tournament “Batumi Open – Caucasus Cup”.
30/08/2019 283
Ukrainian Kenbukai joined KWU Ukraine
The Executive Secretary of the KWU Ukraine Coordinating Council Dmytro Nikolaiev and the President of the public organization «Ukrainian Federation Kyokushin Budo Karate Kenbukai» Vitaliy Gishko ...
24/07/2019 343
All-Ukrainian Summer camp (KWF)
From July 12-18, 2019 was held  All-Ukrainian Summer camp (KWF) under the guidance of  KWF Country representative in Ukraine, Sensei Dmitry Nikolaev (4 Dan).
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    International seminar with Kansho Hatsuo Royama in Poland
    23/10/2020 - 25/10/2020 Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland
    Seminar with Koen Spitaels, Emma Markwell, Maciek Mazur
    23/10/2020 - 25/10/2020 Loos, France
    Swiss Open 2020 (WKO)
    24/10/2020 - 25/10/2020 Stans, Switzerland
    The 3rd Hachiman Fighting Championship (Kyokushin-kan)
    31/10/2020 - 31/10/2020 Bucharest, Romania
    Swedish Junior Open 2020 (IFK)
    31/10/2020 - 31/10/2020 Gävle, Sweden
    The 7th IFK European Championship 2020
    05/11/2020 - 09/11/2020 Istanbul, Turkey
    IKO Matsushima Polish Open 2020
    21/11/2020 - 21/11/2020 Wasilkow, Poland
    The 52th All Japan Open Karate Championship
    21/11/2020 - 22/11/2020 Tokyo, Japan
    The 1st European SENSHI Championship (KWU)
    02/12/2020 - 06/12/2020 Sofia, Bulgaria
    The 1st World Fullcontact Karate Championship (WFKO)
    01/05/2021 - 31/05/2021 Osaka, Japan
    The 3rd KWF World Championship
    01/10/2021 - 31/10/2021 Krakow, Poland
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