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The International Summer Camp “Kherson-2013”. How it was… (IKO)

31/07/2013 971

The 24th traditional Kyokushin Karate School “Kherson-2013” held under the supervision of Shihan Vsevolodov Sergei Sergeyevich (5th Dan, Kherson) has successfully ended.

The usual club camp in Kizomys, which was attended by a few people, became the International School. And now not only the club’s students take part here. The geography of participants are beyond the borders of Ukraine. Here you can see the experienced and famous athletes, coaches and those people who are just getting started the Way of Kyokushin Karate. This is a camp where karateka increase and improve their skills during five days. Besides, there is an unforgettable night training at the beginning of the camp.
The camp has its own traditions and one of which is the presentation of the new master’s degrees to the athletes who passed the difficult black belt exam last year. This year was not the exception. Everyone passed the Dan Test in the camp “Kherson-2012” was awarded by honored black belt. There were 15 karateka (12 obtained 1st Dan, 3 athletes – 2nd Dan). As it was written before, Sensei Panchukov Aleksandr Gavriilovich (Krivoy Rog) was solemnly congratulated with the successful 4th Dan Test.

After the opening ceremony and belts’ presentation all the participants were divided into 4 groups for further training. So it began.
 Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)

Tuesday, the second day of the camp. The early morning training. At that day all the participants were waiting for the exam on physical training. Most “fortunate” was Tatiana Niemtseva who took the 2nd Dan Test. She needed to do the program of 150 push-ups, 150 high jumping and 150 pull-ups. Together with Tatiana the guest of this camp Renata Kudiakova (Donetsk) decided to check her power. These fragile-looking girls could make what other guys couldn’t.

By the way, Eldar Ismailov set the record in this part of the 1st Dan Test (all the above exercises were performed 100 times) and did the program in 6 minutes.
Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)

But that was not the end of the day, because all the participants were waiting for the night training from 12:00 am till 02:30 am.
Here is the impression of karateka Grigorzhevskaya Katerina from Krivoy Rog after the night training:
Night training is not only performing of different techniques under the night sky, but also an incredible experience from what was happening around. It seemed the techniques are very simple but the huge amounts of kicks and hits killed outright. Endurance – is an important and integral part of karateka. So such trainings help to open the second breath. Athletes who are not able to overcome such a test can’t achieve higher level. Everyone should work on himself and develop the ability to “overcome difficulties in any situations”.
Wednesday. After night training all the participants and instructors were on the early morning training. For those who like to sleep at home it was rather difficult, but there was nothing to do about it. Again 4 groups were on the training field. Each training contained new knowledge and new programs. All workouts were different and were developed especially for each group. Probably, the most interesting part is a combat training for older students, the national team and instructor. It was dedicated to the combat techniques and its applying in the real and sports sparring. That training were held by Shihan Vsevolodov S.S. The day ended with the kata training. After that there were long-awaited rest, dinner and free time.

Thursday. At about 06:00 am the athletes were ready for 15 km running. Even the smallest children ran. The runners were controlled by the instructors so that they couldn’t reduce the distance. Those who couldn’t take part in the running due to the various reasons were waiting for the runners on the grass and practicing morning yoga exercises.

Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)

In the test Sergey Kondrashov was the first, it took him less than an hour. Among the girls, Renata Kudiakova was the first and became the 7th in the overall standings. After that there were a lot of champagne, compliments, presents and photos which would remain etched in our memory. And then a little bit of rest and kihon training.

Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)

In the evening, Tatiana Niemtseva with Yevgeniy Kistanov made innovation in the camp program and held the CrossFit competition. At the same time, there were competitions in sumo and tug-of-war on the beach.

Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)
Friday, the last day of the summer camp. All the participants greeted the dawn. Most of students were waiting for their exams to the new degree. This is very complicated and exciting day for the students.
This year only one athlete took part in the Dan Test – Tatiana Niemtseva (Kherson) who passed the exam on the 2nd Dan. Video of her twenty fights you can see on the website.
Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)

After dinner, the final part of the exam Kumite began. There were several dozen pairs on the field at the same time. It was like battle shown in Asian films. It was very spectacular and technically.

Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)

Some people who were not taking part in the exam just assisted their friends. And some people wanted to get experience with good fighters.
This summer camp ended with the concert organized by the participants and they took part there too. It was very interesting and rich. There were dances and songs, humorous miniatures and various competitions. After that there was firework, sayonara and dancing until the morning.

Year by year the camp is developing and expanding the geography of its participants. Some athletes visited Kyzomys for the first time and were deeply impressed.
Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)

Maximov Vasily Viktorovich (Branch-Chief of Belarus, Chairman of the Belarusian National Federation of Kyokushin Karate)
I heard about this wonderful camp two years ago. I read a lot of interesting and useful information about it on the Internet. Some Sempai, Sensei and Shihan who I know expressed their opinions very positively.
Now, this year I had the opportunity to visit the camp. In addition, we are very glad. We have learned many interesting and wonderful things. Sergey Sergeevich shared the information open-heartedly; it is clear that a person is fully given to karate and develops it.
The camp itself was exciting and useful; there were lots of explanation and clarifications during the training process.

Generally, we were pleased with the camp and are going to come here next year. Taking this opportunity, I invited our Ukrainian colleagues to the Championship in Grodno, which will be held in April next year.

Veliksar Traian Dmitrievich (Branch-Chief of Moldova, president of Moldova Kyokushin Karate Association)
I am not for the first time in Ukrainian Team Camp, but in this summer camp, I am for the first time. The event is impressive, because there are many strong fighters with high level of preparation. It makes an impression and enriches my personal experience as a fighter and as a coach. I hope I will be able to visit such events in future, because it is important for me.

I think all the fighters who want to achieve a high level must go through such school.
Международный летний лагерь "Херсон-2013" - как это было. (IKO-1)

Prasolov Dmitriy Anatolievich (President of Poltave Regional Federation of Kyokushin Karate)
This camp is traditional in all senses, lasts during the week, and on Friday there is an exam and summing-up. Every year more and more participants are coming from different countries. This year there were guests from Czech Republic, Moldova and Belarus. Why do people come here? Probably because they see that they can learn something new here. There is well-organized training process and the leader who can give new and interesting information.
I know that Shihan Vsevolodov are preparing for this camp during two months and do it every year. He makes training programs and analyzes interesting material from the previous season.
The highlight of this year was the fact that we taught not only children but also instructors. Participants were divided into four groups according to their level and degree. Each group had its own instructors, both experienced and young, who were able not only to show their skills and knowledge and to do an internship in a big team. So the leadership of the camp appreciated not only the students but the work of the coaches.

In conclusion, I would say that the level of students, athletes is constantly growing, and that is very nice.

Kudiakova Renata (Instructor from Sport Club “DONBASS”)
Karate is a great opportunity of learning and overcoming yourself. It is a key that helps you to develop yourself. For me, this camp is one of the important steps in the development as a person and as an athlete.
People who are involved in the whole training process at the summer camp in Kyzomys and take an exam for black belt, are coming serious school. The sports load is gradually increasing, fatigue accumulates, you need to keep yourself overall distance – from the first training to the last test in kumite. Four training a day, 15 km running, the exam of physical training are good components that help you to test who you are and what you need to work at. In my opinion, athletes, that successfully pass the exams, really deserve it by their own job and patience, fortitude and desire to fight.
Now about the school. In every actions, we can see discipline, order, responsibility and the presence of a leader who skillfully guides the entire process. There was open and friendly atmosphere where it was easy and pleasant to be.
I liked that all the training started on time and immediately. Coaches who were working under the guidance of Shihan Vsevolodov S.S. were not indifferent to all the students.
The participants were divided into four groups according to their level, and each instructor did his own work, paying attention to almost every student in the group and not being distracted.
Many thanks to Shihan Vsevolodov for an incredible dedication to his labour of love, for his desire to go forward and huge responsibility. It is great that the Branch-Chief can have strong leadership qualities, ability to teach other people, professional skills and, what is really important, the personal qualities. In Shihan’s work we can see the great goal, intention to develop his work, to give the knowledge and achieve results. There were not any moments when he was indifferent to the training process. You can be sure every detail is noticed…
In addition, I want to say thank you to all the instructors who were engaged in the organizational part of the camp and at the same time they took an active part in the camp. Also I would like to thank all the athletes from different regions of Ukraine, and from Czech Republic, Belarus and Moldova. Thanks to Tatiana Niemtseva for her help and good example how to pass the exam; all the kids (the smallest was 4 years old), who successfully took part in the camp and passed the exam. Generally, thanks to all those who participated and were pleased with the results!
I sincerely wish all of you success, new achievements and results!!!
Well, that is basically all that I wanted to say about the 24th Camp in Kyzomys. Certainly, it is impossible to describe the atmosphere and energy during the training process and outside trainings; you can do it only arriving here.

Congratulations to all the participants with new degrees, 2nd Dan and new friends. I hope that next year I will have the opportunity to visit the 25th International Summer Camp “Kherson-2014”.

arewell again! And again we are in different citites, different sport halls, coaches, regimes. Everyone has own life, but when we are together we are like one big family with one goal and one dream. That is why we do not say “Goodbye” and we say, “See you next time”.
Thank you for the best moments of this camp! OSU. Daria Burbello, Kahovka

Roman Odesskiy
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