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Ukrainian champion in Kyokushin karate was killed in captivity

01/05/2022 6335

On April 29, 2022, it became known about the death of the champion of Ukraine in Kyokushin karate (IKO Matsushima) Zvonik Dan (born June 14, 1996).

On April 22, 2022, a video shot by the Russian military appeared, with five Ukrainian prisoners of war. Among them was Zvonik Dan. In the video, he was intact and confidently on his feet, with no signs of serious injuries or injuries. A bandage could be seen in the lumbar region.

But, on April 29, his parents found out about his death. How and most importantly for what reason, a healthy and young guy who was taken prisoner, was deprived of his life?

In the demonstration video, they were promised clothes, medical care, and that, as prisoners of war, they would be treated with respect and understanding. However, in the photo that was sent to his parents, Dan was in the same clothes as in the video, with the same dressing.

For ethical reasons, we will not publish the photo that was sent to the parents and go into details of how the Kyokushin fighter was killed while in captivity.

We remember and will remember him as a bright and kind person, a talented athlete.

Those who wish to provide financial assistance to Dan’s relatives can do this by transferring funds to the card of Dan’s mother – 53552 8021 1519 705 Zvonik Anna Alexandrovna.


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