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The 5th Battle Marathon “Strive to be better” was held in Moscow

11/04/2019 570

In honor of the passing of Hyakunin-Kumite test by Tariel Nikoleishvili, on April 6, 2019, in the Moscow Centre of Martial Arts, the 5th battle marathon “Strive to be better” was held.

The marathon was organized by the Sports Club “Seiken” and the Interregional Sports Public Organization Kyokushinkai Karate-Do (MSOOKK), represented by Shihan Karen Gyadukyan.

The organizers set a goal for themselves, so that both children and adults could test themselves, their strength and capabilities, as well as feel at least minimally what Tariel felt when he passed this test in Japan.

The “Strive to be better” Marathon can be described as a test of spirit, willpower, fortitude, and overcoming yourself and your fear.

This year, representatives of not only Kyokushin karate, but also other kinds of martial arts took part in the battles. In total, 212 people participated in the marathon, aged from 5 years. In addition to athletes from Russia, representatives of Belarus and Kazakhstan participated in the fights.

The marathon was divided into two parts, in the morning there were fights among children from 5 to 13 years old and after lunch, there were fights among athletes from 14 years old and older. Both in the younger and in the older group, there were not a few girls, not all, of course, reached the end, but many tried their best to make every effort to improve the previous year results.

Of the two groups, the children coped best, despite their age and experience (there were many younger belts among the participants), they showed just great fights, willpower, fortitude, and character. It would seem to be quite a non-child test, but very many of them have surpassed themselves, their pain, and fear.

Shihan Karen Gyadukyan, Anastasia Khripunova, the coaching staff of Seiken, instructors, representatives of other federations and clubs, as well as Tariel Nikoleishvili, were thoroughly watching the fights. Tariel himself took an active part in fights not only with adults but also with children and teenagers. Many of them at first were afraid of the formidable-looking man, but in the process of the fight, they got into the taste and began to work actively.

At the 80th bout, there were 6 pairs left in the first group and 7 in the adults’. Thus they all came to the end and no one gave up at the finish line. Among those who came to the end, there were five girls. Firstly it seemed that a little later they will give up, but no, they somewhere found strength and continued to fight along with more experienced and strong opponents.

After the gong, which sounded after the end of the hundredth fight, everyone sighed with relief, and smiles appeared on their faces, some of them even had tears.

At the end of the battle marathon, all participants were awarded certificates of participation in the marathon, indicating the number of fights that they held.

The next, 6th battle marathon “Strive to be better,” will be held in April 2020. The organizers invite everyone to take part in this sports event.

Tariel Nikoleishvili: OSU! Dear friends, in April 2020, in Moscow will be held the 6th martial marathon “Strive to be better”, and I would like to invite everyone to come.
I hope you will visit our event. We will be glad to any of you, any member of the Kyokushin family, regardless of organization.
We promise, it will be hot! OSU!




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