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Kyokushin Karate Championships will be held in Europe in June (WKO)

19/01/2021 1283

Dear President of EKO, Board Members, Presidents of National Federations and Country Representatives,

We greet and wish you health, happiness, peace and success in business.

Hopefully in 2021, the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic will be successfully completed, and we can lead normal lives, relationships and exercise.

I would like to inform you about the decision to hold the European Karate Championship in Tbilisi, which we made in agreement with the Ministry of Sports and relevant government agencies:

The European Championship will take place on June 26-27, 2021 in Tbilisi, Georgia. (It’s also a qualifier for the 2022 World Karate Championship to be held in Poland.)

The decision is due to and provides for the full provision of requirements, based on the existing health recommendations for this period, support and co-financing from the government.

We will have specific information by March and will be able to provide the European Karate Organization and the participating countries with accurate information (official invitation, recommendations and health requirements, information about hotels and competition venues, registration, etc.). We think that national organizations will be able to host their national championships without hindrance. And successfully recruit teams for the European Championship.

We believe and are confident that the European Karate Championship held in Georgia, thanks to our joint efforts, will be successful and exemplary.

We hope for your support.

Welcome to Tbilisi. OSU!

with best wishes,

Avtandil Shengelia – WKO Branch Chief and president of Georgian Fullcontact Karate National Federation, Shihan 6th Dan.
Irakli Dolaberidze – Country Representative.

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