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European Online Kata tournaments information letter

23/10/2020 1287

Dear Presidents of National Organizations, National Representatives, Heads of Branch, Club Leaders and On-line tournaments participants and referees.

We are very glad to inform you that 487 participants from 20 countries and 71 dojos are taking part in the European tournaments.

All participants’ relevant information can be found as an attachment.
ZOOM links, draws, upcoming fight info and other information can also be found on Kumite Technology website https://eko.kumitetechnology.com/en/

Please double check your participant lists on the website. If any changes have to be done or mistakes are found – inform us as soon as possible.
After DRAWS are announced, it will not be possibilities to make any changes.


The Help Desk open Zoom room will be opened during the tournament. If any questions occur, it would be possible to reach us out for any support needed:

Technical information:
1. Every participant must have a properly set up environment:
1.1. stable internet connection
1.2. any suitable device (PC, Mobile phone, Tablet) with camera, microphone and speakers
2. Tournament will be done using the “Zoom” app.
2.1. Your ZOOM account must fill in your real first and last name, or Dojo name (otherwise we would not be able to identify you and you won’t be able to join tatami)
3. Championship will be in 2/5/3 tatamis (2/5/3 “Zoom” rooms).
4. All age categories on each tatami will be done till finals, with small breaks before finals.
5. All progress can be followed on the “Kumite Technology” app and Youtube channel.

Draws, progress, bout number and your bout number, results:
Live broadcast you can follow in “Kumite Technology” “YouTube” channel:

Environment information:
1. Camera view and sound must be CLEAR.
2. Camera should be located strictly in front of the participant.
3. Video cameras cannot be placed in front of the window.
4. Participants must not leave the camera viewing area.
5. If a participant does KATA in an open space (backyard, stadium, park, etc.) it is allowed to wear shoes and white t-shirt under the “dogi”.
6. No other people who are not related to tournament participation are allowed to be in camera view.
Video examples: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4gQpf7zvXnoDsQjGqdRYcYMH1h1NHNpL
Organizing committee does not take any responsibility for participants’ technical problems.

Competition information:
1. AKA (red) participants will have number “1”.
2. SHIRO (white) participants will have number “2”.
3. Judges and referees will show number cards of the participant they vote for (same way as they do during the tournament, only red and white flags are swapped to number cards).
4. All category participants must join their tatami 4-5 bouts before their category starts.
5. All participants will be automatically placed in the “waiting list”.
6. When it is your turn to perform Kata, the tatami administrator will grant you to join.
7. If the tatami administrator does not find you within 2 minutes in the “waiting list”, then you will be disqualified from the tournament.
8. After the referee decision is announced, all participants are moved back to the “waiting list”.
9. If participants no longer need to perform kata – he/she must leave the “Zoom” meeting room.

Connection Links:

10:30 Start bouts for Adults Kata European Championship
● Tatami 1 Men – https://zoom.us/j/95791445798
● Tatami 2 Women – https://zoom.us/j/93607803839

12:00 Start bouts 2nd European Cup for Clubs, U10 – U14 and Seniors
● Tatami 1 U10 – https://zoom.us/j/94935725071
● Tatami 2 U11 – https://zoom.us/j/94006191070
● Tatami 3 U12 – https://zoom.us/j/98881937451
● Tatami 4 U13 and Seniors – https://zoom.us/j/99286732755
● Tatami 5 U14 – https://zoom.us/j/94357389827

16:00 Start bouts 2nd European Cup for Clubs U16 – Adults
● Tatami 1 U16 – https://zoom.us/j/93870180539
● Tatami 2 U18 – https://zoom.us/j/99110608035
● Tatami 3 Adults – https://zoom.us/j/93809056222

All time in the schedule is at the Central European Time zone (Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw)
HELP DESK and Live Support Channel –
more info: [email protected]
GSM, Viber, WhatsApp: +370 698 08099

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