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Message from WKO President (September 2022)

31/08/2022 700

Dear Branch Chiefs and Contacts,

Thank you for your continuous support towards the activities of WKO.
Despite the prolonged COVID-19 crisis, it appears that international travel is starting to return back to pre-pandemic levels, and it is good to see such momentum in the world.

As for WKO, the 7th World Karate Championship in Weight Categories is quickly approaching. I believe that the host country, the Poland Branch led by Country Representative Remigiusz Karpinski, and the related members are very busy now in their preparation work to organize a successful tournament. This event has overcome various difficulties and obstacles, and it must have been hard to prepare for this tournament, even compared to past world events. It is difficult to imagine the burden that has been shouldered by the host country. In the remaining few weeks before the tournament, there will likely be numerous announcements of important information, but it is necessary for the Officials, Branch Chiefs/Contacts, competitors, coaches, and related members to do what they can on their own, and for such mindset to be shared among the participants, so that the burden for the host country can be lightened as much as possible. Even if there should be a slight inconvenience, it is important to accept it with patience and make adjustments on your own. By having such feeling to consider and help one another, let us build this tournament all together. For the Poland Branch, I believe that the remaining few weeks will be very busy for you, but please know that we will travel to your country with a sense of appreciation and respect. Good luck in your last preparation work for the tournament.

In addition, for the competitors who have continued their training even in the restricted conditions during the COVID-19 crisis, this will be the long-awaited World Championship. With a feeling of appreciation towards the people working behind the scenes, please prepare yourself in the best condition possible, travel to Poland, do your best at the tournament, and leave no regrets. The World Karate Seminar and various meetings will be held before and after the tournament. I believe that it will be touching to meet the comrades around the world, for we have not met in a long time. In the meetings, it would be great to actively exchange ideas and views for a better future, and in the trainings, through our dogis soaked in sweat, let us enjoy the pure exchange of the heart and mind. Due to the recent and sudden change in the international situation, there are comrades that we would like to meet, but will not be able to. However, they will be with us in spirit, and we will do our best to proceed with what we can do.

It has been 2 months since our previous newsletter. In Japan, we experienced a hot summer. During this period, the main highlight was that we were able to successfully organize the Karate Dream Festival 2022 National Championship, which had a total of 3,022 competitors. By organizing a tournament of this scale in the Full Contact Karate world, it was our aim to share positive energy with the world, and more than anything, provide a stage to compete, for the competitors who continued their training during the COVID-19 crisis. With such feelings in mind, I observed the bouts at the tournament. It was moving to see the tears of the competitors who became prizewinners. I would like to praise the efforts they continued to achieve such glory. It was also very touching to see the strong look of the children who continued their movement forward, even in a bout they were not able to win, and scenes of fathers and mothers hugging and encouraging their children after bouts. Everything left a strong impression in my heart. To never give up and to always have hope. With the strong heart and mind that is acquired through the hard training of Full Contact Karate, I would like for everyone to overcome the various difficulties they may face in life.

I believe that similar competitions will be actively organized again around the world. For the students who have just started Karate, please try to actively participate in competitions that will fit your training level. By experiencing competitions, I trust that you will find a new side to yourself. Let us go to the dojo with positive energy, and a mindset to enjoy hard training. Full Contact Karate is wonderful. For this month also, let us further develop WKO with our own hands, into a proud organization full of honor. I sincerely request for your kind support.


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