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European karate adults championship 2021: Official information (WKO)

06/03/2021 1505

On June  26-27, 2021 in Tbilisi, Georgia will be held European karate adults championship 2021 among men and women in weight categories (Selection for World Championship 2022-Poland).

Venue: University St. 5, Tbilisi (Olympic Palace)

Official media partner: kyokushinkarate.news

Online registration of participants, referees officials is available from 01.04.2021

Deadline for National teams, officials and others registration 01.06.2021

Official hotel: 5* Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechipalace Hotel

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: accommodation of arriving teams in the official hotel, according to the established regulations, is a mandatory requirement


EC-2021-Tbilisi.pdf [1633 Kb] (downloads: 59)


Preliminary Schedule:

24-25.06.2021 Thurs/Fri: Arrival of WKO Guests, of EKO Board, Committees, Referees, Officials and Participants
Medical testing procedures at the official hotel in accordance with established regulations

Friday: 10:00 16:00 weight and medical control;
09:00 EKO referee committee meeting;
10:00 EKO technical and grading committee meeting;
11:00 EKO medical and anti doping committee meeting;
12:00 EKO Board meeting;
15:00 EKO Referee seminar;
19:00 Draws;
20:00 Georgia Hosting Country Welcome Reception GFKNF (Georgian Fullcontact Karate National Federation Ministry of Sport and Tbilisi City Hall Welcome Dinner for EKO/WKO guests,
VIP, CR and BC ..(Dress Code Official)
All meetings will take place in the Official Hotel

Saturday 1st Day
10:00 Start of European Championship 1 st day; (Kata Men’s, Woman’s and Team Kata Mix. Preliminary Rounds on 3 Tatami)
13:00 Kata Finals on the Central Tatami
13:30 Kata Awarding Ceremony
14:00 15:00 Lunch Break
15:00 Men’s Kumite 65kg. 75kg. Women’s Kumite 50kg. 55kg. (Preliminary Rounds on 3 Tatami)
17:00 Opening Ceremony
17:30 Semi Finals on 3 Tatami
18:00 Finals on the Central Tatami
19:00 Awarding Ceremony
20:00 Dinner in Restaurant for EKO/WKO Board members (hosting GFKNF)

27.06.2021 Sunday: 2nd Day
10:00 Start of European championship 2 nd day;
Men’s Kumite 85kg. 95kg. +95kg.Women’s Kumite 60kg. 65kg. +65kg. (Preliminary Rounds on 3 Tatami, before the F inals)
14:00 15:00 Lunch Break
16:00 Semi Finals on 3 Tatami
16:30 Demonstration
17:00 Finals on the Central Tatami
18:00 Closing and Awarding Ceremony
21:00 Sayonara Party (according to local according to local regulations)

Monday: 12:00 Check out and Departure.


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