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The 6th World Cup – Press release (Rengokai)

03/05/2019 715

Place: Russia, Moscow, Ostrovnaya, 7 (DS Dynamo in Krylatskoye)

Time: The 6th of  October , 2019  Start at 15.00 end at 18.00

The 6th World Cup is a Grand event organized by I. K. O. “Kyokushin kaikan Union” and Kyokushin Karate Union of Russia with the assistance of the Board of Trustees. At the International vote Moscow for the first time received the right to accept the world Cup on one of the most rigid and spectacular types of martial arts. The Cup is included in the Plan of the International organization I. K. O. “Kyokushin kaikan Union” and will gather in Russia the best fighters from more than 30 countries.

5000 spectators will witness sports skills of the highest standard and colorful Show program. A world-class sporting event open to all Kyokushin karate organizations in Russia and the world will create competition of the highest quality on the tatami. Given the availability of direct Internet and international character contest, number of viewers will total tens of thousands of. Ticket sales have started, the loyalty system is valid until the 30th of May. /karate-worldcup.org phone. +7-926-937-6000/ Preferential conditions are provided for categories of citizens.

To welcome in the arena Dynamo in Krylatskoye invited the ambassadors of the countries, members of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Board of Trustees of the Union of Kyokushin Karate of Russia, heads of departments, masters of martial arts. The organizers received a greeting from the Deputy Secretary General of the Cabinet Of Ministers of Japan.

In the opening of the World Cup will take part the legendary karate master from Japan: the Director General of the international organization of multiple champion Shihan Yasuhiro Shichinohe (8th Dan, Okinawa), Uchi – Desi Sosai Masutatsu Oyama – Shihan Shigeru Tabata (8th Dan, Yamagata) and the Director of Yoshikazu Koi (7 Dan, Toyama).

The world Cup will be a noticeable and significant addition to the program of events of the year of Japan in Russia and a great opportunity to strengthen international sports relations at all levels.

Russia is an active participant of the international sports movement and the Cup will be a powerful motivational factor in the development of this mass discipline of martial arts, a tangible tool to attract children and young people to sports and education.

Deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the 7th convocation were elected Co-chairmen of the Organizing Committee:

Mikhail Degtyarev – Chairman of the Committee for culture, sports, tourism and youth deals.

Svetlana Zhurova – First Deputy Chairman of the international relationships Committee, Olympic Champion.

Nikolay Gerasimenko, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the VII convocation, coordinates the work.

Currently, the Presidium of the world Cup is being formed, which will be headed by prominent State and public figures.

Thanks to the Press, a huge number of people will learn about the event. To do this, the organizers are turning to the media with a proposal to talk about the upcoming event and highlight its progress. The World Cup is a wonderful, new opportunity for young people all over the world, which the organizing Committee is happy to share!


World Cup reference:

World Cup international Karate Organization “Kyokushin kaikan Union” is held every two years and in the schedule of international sports plays an important role, being the second most important event after the world Championship in the absolute weight category. Held in categories among men (-70, -80, -90, 90+) and women (-55, -65, 65+) and traditionally gathers athletes from 25-30 countries.


History of the world Cup (host country):

2009 -Japan;

2011 – Kazakhstan;

2013 – Chile;

2015 – Germany;

2017 – Indonesia;

2019 – Russia, Moscow.


Help about the conducting organization:

The organization of the world Cup is entrusted to the all-Russian sports and sports public organization “Union of Kyokushin Karate of Russia” developing mass sports and Kyokushin karate in the regions of Russia (President Kramyshev Alexander), which has the necessary experience in sports competitions of national and international level. The company has successfully carried out:

– European Championships (Moscow 2015, 2016)

– Eurasian cups (2013-2018)

– Championships of Kyokushin Karate Union of Russia (2013 -2019)


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