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The founding of WFKO and the selection of Board Members

09/04/2019 1294

As the JFKO, we have continued our efforts to prepare for the 1st World Fullcontact Karate Championship that will be held in May 2020, and at the same time, have taken steps to prepare for the founding of the WFKO (World Fullcontact Karate Organization), as the international federation of the Full Contact Karate competition, which will hold the above-mentioned event.

In the founding process of the WFKO, Japan and JFKO, as the leaders of this movement, have taken the main role, in coordination with the leaders of the main international federations of practical technique that are in support of establishing the WFKO, in deciding and selecting the main foundation of the organization, such as the board members and regulations.

The WFKO Board Members (term: 4 years) of the founding period have been decided at the JFKO Board Meeting held on January 18. In addition, the key officials of this period have been decided by a mutual election at the WFKO Japan Region Board Meeting held on March 15, and we wish to report to you the following content.

Kenji Midori
Vice President:
Hidenori Ashihara, Koen Scharrenberg
Executive Director:
Isao Kobayashi
General Secretary:
Yasukazu Koi

Japan (10)
Kenji Midori
Hidenori Ashihara
Masahiko Watanabe
Isao Kobayashi
Kazuo Miyoshi
Toshikazu Sakai
Masahiro Kaneko
Masaaki Satake
Norichika Tsukamoto
Yasukazu Koi

Europe (7)
Koen Scharrenberg
Romas Vitkauskas
Remigiusz Karpinski
Martin Michel
Koen Spitaels
Ashihara Kaikan 2 members *under confirmation

Russia (2)
Yuriy Shabanov
Leonid Ilyushkin

Asia (2)
J.B. Sujoto
Kairtay Sarmanov

Africa (1)
Isaac Mashinini

Middle East (1)
Hachem Makki

South Pacific (1)
Peter Volke

North America (0)
WFKO Headquarters

Central America (1)
Antonio Gonzalez

South America (1)
Denivaldo Carvalho



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