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Representation in 101 countries – WKO ShinKyokushinkai has achieved its goal

31/05/2019 2675

From the moment of its foundation to the present day, the international organization WKO Shinkyokushinkai held various events that were supposed to bring the organization to its goal of becoming the strongest and largest Budo organization in the Full Contact Karate world.

Today its key goal – to become an organization with representative offices in 100 countries of the World was achieved. Thanks to the accession of Finland and Ecuador to a large Shinkyokushinkai family, the organization is officially represented in 101 countries now.

This became possible thanks to the great work and contribution of managers in various parts of the World.

Now WKO has set a new task for itself – to expand the geography of representative offices to 123 countries, which was achieved during the time of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama.


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