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SENSHI 10: Fight card

25/11/2021 1074

The 10th edition of SENSHI will be a true clash of titans in which combat sports stars from 14 countries will take part. The event will take place on the 4th of December in Varna, Bulgaria. The fight spectacle will start exactly at 7 PM EET and will be broadcasted by the US platform FITE.tv and online at Senshi.com, Boec. bg, Boec.com, kwunion.com, and kyokushinkarate.news.


Assane Bafeta, European Champion ISKA K1 2019-2021, and Sergej Braun, WAKO PRO world champ K1, 2021. They will compete under the rules of KWU Full Contact in the weight category 80 kg


Two exceptional fighters will go for the gold under the rules of KWU SENSHI, 70 kg João Silva, K1 Fight Extrem participant, 75 kg., against Petar Stoykov, WMF World muay thai championship 1st place, 2019.


Tudor Potoroaca, Dynamite Fighting Show winner, 2021, is facing his opponent Dragomir Petrov, ЕMC European Muay Thai champ, 2019, to prove their titles under the rules of KWU Full Contact in the weight category -70 kg.


Philipp Häfeli, Vendetta K1 European Champion, 2020, against his opponent Atanas Bozhilov, WAKO PRO World champion K1, 2019. They will compete under the rules of KWU Full Contact; weight category -75 kg.


The champion of Tiger fight K1 in France, Alexis Laugeois, is battling Artem Pashporin, W5 World champion, under KWU SENSHI rules in the weight category -70 kg.


Pavel Turuk, World champion K-1 (WAKO), Austria,2009, will fight against Senshi’s well-known fighter Eduard Aleksanyan, WAKO PRO European champion K1, 81.4 kg, 2021, under KWU Full Contact rules in the weight category -80 kg.


The WAKO Balkan kickboxing champion, 2021, Filip Sekulovic, is battling Alexandar Petrov, World kickboxing champion WAKO, 2015, under KWU Full Contact rules in the weight category 85 kg.


Ruben Garcia, a first-timer at SENSHI and a Spanish national K1 champion, will compete against Andrey Chekhonin, World Kickboxing Champ, 2015, under KWU Full Contact rules category: 85 kg.


Witness a monumental spectacle with Nikola Filipovic – WAKO world champion 2019, 2021, and Danylo Voievodkin, European Kyokushin champion, 2019. The fight will take place under the KWU Full Contact rules; weight category: +95 kg.


Radovan Kulla – Slovakia K1 Champion will face the WAKO PRO K-1 European Champion, 2019, Ahmed Krnjic. The fight will take place under the KWU Full Contact rules; weight category: +95 kg.


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