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Karen Gyadukyan

23/06/2019 1774
Seminar in Poland with Karen Gyadukyan and Tariel Nikoleishvili (WKO)
On September 13-15, 2019, a seminar will be held in Poland with the participation of World Champion Coach - Gyadukyan Karen and Tariel Nikoleishvili - the youngest IKO Absolute World Champion and a ...
11/04/2019 1433
The 5th Battle Marathon “Strive to be better” was held in Moscow
In honor of the passing of Hyakunin-Kumite test by Tariel Nikoleishvili, on April 6, 2019, in the Moscow Centre of Martial Arts, the 5th battle marathon "Strive to be better" was held.
03/03/2019 1551
100 fights marathon “Strive to be better”
In honor of passing the Hyakunin-Kumite test by Tariel Nikoleishvili, on April 6, 2019 in the city of Moscow, will be held the annual 100 fights marathon “Strive to be better”.
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